ERASMUS Week Ventspils 2012

  1. Welcome at Ventspils Augstskola
  2. Welcome at Ventspils Augstskola
  3. View to main building together with cow
  4. Participants in front of main building
  5. Visiting laboratory
  6. ERASMUS participants listening
  7. Recreation room
  8. Lecture room
  9. Visiting Ventspils Starptautiskais Radioastronomijas centrs
  10. New campus of Ventspils University of Applied Sciences (VUAS)
  11. Talking about Rostock University
  12. Getting certificates and saying thank you
  13. Christine Bräuning
  14. Accomodation Juras Brize
  15. Steam engine with cow
  16. Journey to Cap Kolka (Ch. Bräuning, F. Lettner)
  17. Journey to Cap Kolka (R. Mahnke)