This is the home of the group of Prof. Dr. Dieter Bauer.  

We are a theory group which is mainly interested in non-perturbative quantum dynamics and time-dependent many-body physics beyond linear response, predominantly in the context of strong-field laser matter interaction. These topics are both timely and timeless. Timely because of the intense lasers being built all around the world and the potential to use them as attosecond cameras, particle accelerators, "photon factories", or to even "tap the vacuum".

Timeless because strongly driven many-particle systems are ubiquitous in physics at all energy and length scales. None of the well-established many-body approaches work in this regime, which makes the development of new methods fun (and even relevant). 

Methodologically, we employ analytical techniques and numerical methods. We develop our own codes, the latter ranging from simple modelling on the desktop computer to heavy number crunching on supercomputers or GPUs. 

In order to get an idea of what we are doing and with whom we collaborate please give a look to our publications, to our research web page, or visit us.